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Festa glamour? Gli accessori per brillare

Festa glamour? Gli accessori per brillare
03 Jan

Festa glamour? Gli accessori per brillare

Tea party, parties and disco nights the dress code requires two mantras to follow: shine and dare. Nothing is forbidden for your big night.

The women are elegant, wrapped in sensual clothes, wrapped in rhinestones and glitter, of vertiginous stilettos, with flawless make-up attractive and irresistible. To complete the outfit of the party, however, it will not do the dress, but a fundamental role will have accessories: quirky, original and classy.

Maxi necklaces, mixed blessing
Must haves of the season, the maxi necklaces can not miss the last night of the year. The models studded with crystals, swarovski, pearls and colored stones are referred to liven sober suits and less ostentatious. more discrete necklaces, however, will marry perfectly on longdress gaudy and bright. If you opt for a dress that leaves bare shoulders, then it is better to prefer necklaces jewel: elegant and refined.

yes or no earrings?
The latest trends prefer them long and flashy, but when it comes to earrings is always better to choose them carefully. The pendants, in fact, are more suitable for women with slim and slender neck, shorter earrings, but from large will have to be calibrated with the necklace: never choose them both too impressive, the secret is in the right balance!

Missing a few days to the Party?
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